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  1. Elias Fajardo says:

    Would this work to repair a broken articulation?
    The dreaded shoulder joint of the RG Sazabi broke and wanted to glue the broken part in a fixed position, while the remaining parts keep their mobility?

    • Blaze says:

      Not really, unless you use this goo to re-cast the part completely. It’s good for fixing surface defects, but won’t be strong enough to keep an arm attached. Try this instead.

  2. duragrip says:

    Great DIY article. I was redoing my Figurise-bust and Winning Fumina builds (taking them apart and fixing up the seams/gaps in the flesh-colored parts) and this tutorial is great. Many thanks!

  3. KageToTora says:

    This is brilliant.. I was building a cleaver for an Efreet the last week and this article is perfect. Really thank you

  4. Great tutorial. Just one tip i could suggest regarding below.

    “Now, it just needs time. Exactly how much time depends on the mix. My colored glue was ready in 2-3 hours, while the thick plastic putty needed over 20 hours.”

    If you need it ASAP, you could heat up the mix to reduce the melting time (as most chemical reactions do). How you would heat it though is up to you.

    • Blaze says:

      Well, I’d avoid heating it too much, as plastic cement (and MEK/butanone) are highly flammable. Though I suppose dip in warm water wouldn’t hurt.

  5. maxpayne92 says:

    hey thanks for the tuto but before i try it , can you tell me , if i use like the thick type you show us instead of putty , like for exemple to fill the gap along a gundam riffle, it just go like mr surfacer (or disolved putty) or it can melt the gun ?? and how much time can i keep this homemade putty in a sealed jar ? thanks for all the tips you show Blaze :)

    • Blaze says:

      Heya! I use the red one for seam removal and it works wonders. It goes on similar to Mr.Dissolved Putty and slightly melts itself into the plastic. Don’t worry though, it won’t damage the part. I wouldn’t use thick type for this, it’s harder to work with and mostly intended for filling big gaps.

      As for the shelf life, you can keep it pretty much indefinitely. I’m still using the same batch I made in November. Over time some cement might evaporate, but then you can simply add more and it’ll work perfectly fine once again. :)

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