Here we go: MG 1/100 Freedom Gundam 2.0. Second Gunpla kit I’ve bought and first one I actually consider finished.

Seems like an eternity since I started working on it. Waiting for supplies, waterslides, building other kits… almost four months total. Starting the build back in January all I had were nippers, hobby knife and some sanding sticks.

There’s really nothing crazy advanced on this build. Since it was my second kit, there are lots of firsts here though. First time panel lining, first time painting details, first time doing waterslides, first time topcoating. First time breaking parts and finding ways to fix them. No, I didn’t break the hip joints.
Point is – it was great learning experience.

The kit itself is often mentioned as one of the best ever made by Bandai and justly so. As a new builder, engineering blew my mind. At one point I actually spent half an hour just bending the knee and watching armor panels slide around. Out of the box this kit already looks great and with a very little work becomes amazing. 

Well enough stalling, here it is – Freedom Gundam 2.0 in all its glory:
(Click any image for a glorious full-screen view)


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