Stripping Paint 0

Stripping Paint

Quick tutorial on removing paint from our models, either by using ultrasonic cleaner or a simple toothbrush.

Gundam Astaroth Nox 2

Gundam Astaroth Nox

Final gallery for Gundam Astaroth Nox, a project that burned me out multiple times over the past year… and turned out better than I could’ve expected.

Glue 101 0

Glue in Scale Modeling

In this tutorial we’ll talk about different types of glue used in scale modeling – including the ones we all know and love, as well as some you might not have considered before.

Panel Line Technic Review 0

Panel Line Technic – Book Review

In the first ever review on my website, we’ll take a look at Panel Line Technic by Anupong Channarong – a guidebook focusing entirely on scribing.

Airbrush 0

Introduction to Airbrushes

First tutorial in my Airbrush Basics series. In this episode we’ll cover technical information, such as various airbrush types, air sources to power them and how it all works. Finally, we’ll take a quick look at airbrush history.

Vengeance Incarnate 0

Vengeance Incarnate

Small gallery for my Vengeance Incarnate diorama – winner of the most recent Gunpla Builders Polish Cup 2018, first ever Gunpla contest held in Poland.

HGGT Gundam Ground Type-S 0

Gundam Ground Type-S

Gallery of the first project I finished in 2018 – HGGT Gundam Ground Type-S.

Removing Seam Lines 2

Seam Lines Removal

In-depth guide to removing seam lines on Gunpla kits. We’ll go over three basic techniques – filling, scribing and covering. In addition, I’ll also show you some example mods, which allow us to disassemble the kit despite gluing some pieces shut.

Paint Types 14

Paint Types

Guide to various paint types used in scale modeling and Gunpla building, as well as some related tips and notes.