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  1. Robb Merrill says:

    As a note, the fumes from solvent based enamels is actually worse for you in the long term than lacquers. Lacquer thinner, largely made of acetone, will make you dizzy faster but it also expelled from the body easier and breaks down into water vapor. Solvent based enamels use mineral distillates and/or petroleum distillates which can reside in the fatty tissues for years. They also tend to break down into ozone depleting dioxides when curing. Both should be handled with a lot of caution, unless of course you’re Linc in which case, paint on.

    • Blaze says:

      Interesting, thanks for the insight.
      How about odorless turpentine and other odorless thinners? Aside from having no smell, are they actually safer to use than standard ones?

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